our history

The beginning of the creation of our family business, Filevia, was our wandering in unique traditional liqueur flavors, made by housekeepers in the wider region of Evia, from fresh fruit and fragrant plants, bringing childhood memories to our mind.


Our searching and our imagination gave us the idea to inculcate our production with all this wealth of knowledge through flavorful explorations, always in a traditional manner, of liqueurs from fruits of our region and from special fragrant plants and our unique Chokeberry Wine.


With lots of enthusiasm and love we began this beautiful and tasteful journey, discovering and utilizing local fruit and plant production, firstly from our own production of new dynamic crops, such as chokeberry, but also with selective collaborations with producers who farm their land with care.

derivation of the name

The derivation of the name Filevia mixes the simple meaning of the words Filos (Friendly, Filoxenos (hospitable), Filema (Treat) with our beautiful island of Evia, a blessed land with a wide and diversified production and natural environment contrasts.